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Schedual A Massage

Gazebo Inn Ogunquit offers on site massage services year round. Our Massage Suite has 2 heated massage tables. Every effort has been made to ensure your comfort such as soft music, dim lighting and warm Microfiber sheets. We have 5 exclusive massage therapists and all Massage Therapists are Maine Licensed.

All spa services should be booked with the Gazebo Inn Ogunquit and if possible prior to your check in.

Services Include:

Deep Tissue and Relaxation massage is offered for $85 per hour, we offer .60 minutes, .75, .90 and 120 minute massages

Add $15 per hour for maternity massage.

 Couples Massage class, a two hour or three hour class in our massage room with our therapist. Learn how to massage your partner while each of you take 1 hour or 1 /1/2 on the table while the other learns. A very detailed and hands on experience learning all the latest techniques.  Learn a new level of connection with your partner, studies show that partners who engage in mutual therapeutic massage feel a stronger bond with each other, and find a new, healthy way to respond and communicate in other aspects of their relationship.  The class is $189.00 for two hours or $259.00 for three hours.